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totally forgot about this!!! sorry??? follow me @ if you really want to get the latest chem updates. tagalog is the name of the game now. my friends in the manila area got for me for the holidays. the textbook reccomends 2 hours a day, i will aim for that. 30 minutes of japanese a day, 1 hour of asl studying a week, and two hours of tagalog. dude, it seems overwhelming but, when you love langauges it is fun. tagalog has some fun pronuncation but, ill be blunt with you. i find some of it hard. i am excited to learn more about the phillipines in the future. weird that i am attacking asian languages huh? i thought japanese would be the only asian language i'd ever learn. i probably have explored romantic languages the most. tagalog is sort of the love child of american english and spanish due to it colonization. however, that doesn't mean that the language doesn't have a rich culture of it's self. my esperanto and spanish studies have pretty much given me a kickstart in the vocab of the language, the only thing is tagalog has very different spelling of spanish and english words. so anyways! also i am trying to get my asl 2 textbook! also got the next japanese textbok, it is helping a lot to make my speech flow better. 私は日本語を勉強します。タガログ語も勉強します。タガログ語はおもしろいし、この言葉は楽しいし、英語とスペイン語は見えそうです。元気2はあります。 元気はいい本です。好きです。 kumusta! ako si chem! salamat! - chem


i'm alright today... sorry my site looks so messy but, please disregard that. um, i have a busy week next week. this semester sort of sucks but, my favorite class is still ASL. im going to play some age of empires 2 with my friend and then go to bed. right now i am listening to a band called tide/edit, its super good. they are from the phillipines which hopefully i will be to go to this summer. our family friend moved to a city about an hour or two away from manila and i miss them a lot. the phillipines is very intresting to me, i wish i could study tagalog if i didn't have so many languages on my plate already... there is really no limit to language learning but i feel like i can never be fluent in japanese unless i go to japan. thats to expensive so i doubt i will ever go to japan until i am an adult whom goes to university there but even then it seems bleak. school is fun but, my school combines college and high school so it gets stressful easily. wish me luck -chem


I hope you have had a nice thanksgiving if you live in the US. I went to a deaf event in NoCal yesterday, I had a great time and met a lot of people. A bit sad I won't see them again most likely. I don't know why I go to these events, I am not deaf. I like the people there though and I make some nice conversation.

I have some stuff to do tomorrow, so I am going to go to sleep and stuff. It was a long car ride home but, look at this picture I took of myself.